Past Exhibitions

The wire: photographs by Lyndell Brown and Charles Green

26 May 2010 to 11 July 2010

to be opened by Shaune Lakin, Director MGA
3.00pm Saturday 29 May 2010

Charles Green and Lyndell Brown are two of Australia's most significant contemporary artists. Over the course of three decades, they have collaborated as artists, producing paintings and photographic works that are widely collected and have been included in many important exhibitions nationally and internationally.

In early 2007, Green and Brown were appointed official war artists. This was an historic appointment: Lyndell Brown was the first Australian woman to visit a battleground as an official war artist. From February to April of 2007, the pair visited military installations and bases throughout the Middle East, Afghanistan and the Persian Gulf. They were attached to the Australian Defence Force and photographed in great detail their experience of Australian troops and the environments in which they operated.

Some of these photographs became paintings, produced after Green and Brown's return to Australia. A selection of 60 of the photographs are presented in The wire. These images describe the conditions of modern conflict and military occupation. The wire describes an economic and architectural operation of truly monumental scale, one in which the vast forces of history and modern global politics collide.

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