Past Exhibitions

  • Vertigo


8 May 2009 to 28 June 2009

Artists include: Max DUPAIN, Wolfgang SIEVERS, David MOORE, John GOLLINGS, David STEPHENSON, Arthur WICKS, Simon TERRILL, Deborah PAAUWE Looking at photographs that have been shot from high above the ground might make us feel dizzy, powerful or even otherworldly. Photographs that turn our gaze up to the sky can produce feelings of awe and disorientation. These sensations are an effect of the technology of the camera. The curved lens of the camera works in a similar way to the human eye, and it is traditionally held at the height of the human eye, pointed toward the horizon. This makes it easy to imagine ourselves physically occupying the scene presented to us in the photograph. For this reason, when the camera's point of view moves away from the conventions of human vision, the photograph can challenge our sense of equilibrium and provoke feelings of vertigo. Vertigo explores the camera's capacity to unsettle our everyday perception of the world through the work of a number of Australian photographers from MGA's collection. It includes a range of photographs that use extreme camera angles to produce different formal and psychological effects, so that we might see the world afresh.

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Bill Henson

Past Exhibitions

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  • Australian exotica
  • John Gollings: the history of the built world

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